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A life in center of history with beautiful sea view

2.093.000 $


Proud to have created an unparalleled living space
which will revive the history that once witnessed a
deep-rooted culture and leave it for the future as an
invaluable legacy, we present this project, which has
been designed like a work of art with each and every
detail, to the world, Istanbul and coming generations...    
From Hagia Sophia to the Blue Mosque,
Basilica Cistern to the Topkapı Palace...

The Historical Peninsula, full of splendid palaces, mosques,
churches and fountains, runs along the city walls rising with
the glory of great empires and opens up to the world as a
beauty reflecting the spirit of time and a magnificent world

Yedikule, a district named after the seven towers of
Istanbul’s city walls surrounding the Historical Peninsula
and also one of the open-air museums of Istanbul, is one
of the most glorious examples of the opulent life on the
Historical Peninsula.

Yedikule is considered as an open-air museum with its old
Greek houses, fortress, city walls, gasworks and impressive
historical fabric and preserves its value as a unique
historical beauty...



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For More Details

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