At the center of the city, right across history...

At Axis Istanbul, which will be realized at the heart of the most important commercial region of Istanbul, in Edirnekapı, with the signature of the Sur Yapı and Hayat
Holding the A plus deluxe offices offered for sale attract the attention with their Golden Horn and city view. Axis Istanbul is situated at a priceless location across
the Mausoleum on the Vatan Avenue. While the Bayrampaşa subway station is located at its front entrance and the Demirkapı subway station at its rear entrance,
Axis Istanbul is also at a mere distance of 600 meters to the metrobus… A very comfortable and easy transportation to the Bayrampaşa Subway Station will be
accomplished with the funicular that will be built from the Bayrampaşa Subway Station, which is right next to Axis Istanbul, to the Eyüp Square.
In addition, with the first subway bridge in Turkey - the Golden Horn Subway Bridge, and the Marmaray that joins the Anatolian and European Sides of the city,
which have been taken into service recently, transportation to the area becomes much shorter and comfortable, not only from the surrounding districts but also from
all primary centers of Istanbul.
With the subway station at your door and the modern and subway transportation networks, you will be able to access the central spots of the city, such as the Atatürk
Airport, Taksim-Mecidiyeköy-Levent, Aksaray-Yenikapı-Sultanahmet-Sirkeci, Üsküdar-Kadıköy-Kartal, within minutes.


The PROJECT, with its modern architecture, unique and sophisticated interior design, offers the high life quality you seek as a standard.
AlminaTower, consisting of 31 floors, offers living quarters with 1+0, 1+1 and 2+1 house and office options at varying field widths between 45-130 m2

Get ready for a prestigious era full of success in your business life.
enables efficiency of your business activities by its creative solutions and carries your business to a brand new realm.

A perfect project for whom the dreams has no limits is now rising
at Esenyurt, İstanbul’s highest investment potential area;
Consisting of a single block upon 25.375 square meter construction area AlminaTower, with its stunning architecture, unique location and social facilities that enriches your life, is just the project you’ve dreamed of.




Inspired by nature itself,  favourite housing project on the Anatolian Side of the city, Project promises
to bring peace to your life. This will be the beginning of a new era in your life. You will wake up every morning to
the sound of birds tweeting and a spectacular sea view. Bringing the tranquility of nature and modernity of city
life together, Yeşilmavi will be the centre of attraction in your life. All you need to do is enjoy yourself inhaling the
clean mountain air coming from the Kayışdağı Forest in the background and overlooking a beautiful endless sea
view ahead.


Located at Maltepe district, one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods on the Anatolian Side of İstanbul with easy
access and excellent transportation facilities, Yeşilmavi is only 5 minutes to sea front and Bostancı, 10 minutes
to the Bostancı Pier. Also, within easy reach to schools and medical institutions in the area, Project is highly
convenient for you and your children. Its proximity to the E-5 High Way, to the link roads connecting with the bridges
and to public transportation facilities on the Anatolian Side of İstanbul make it easier for you to engage in city life.



Your quality of life will greatly improve with amenities in Semt Bahçekent, including the neighboring
Hayat Park where you can celebrate the nature and enjoy easy commuting.
You will feel peaceful and safe in any corner of this District. Located in close proximity to major roads
(TEM and link roads to the Third Airport and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge), Bahçekent promises a true
urban attraction as a product of elaborate planning and development. It unlocks the gateway to a new
happy life thanks to a whole range of social facilities, including playgrounds for kids, and proximity to
Hayat Park.
Semt beckons you to vast social areas where you will witness the true meaning of prestige with a
unique concept.

The Project is located at Bahçekent, the developing face of İstanbul and the new attraction for
investments. Enjoying new projects, Bahçekent is rapidly developing, while bringing both nature and
city to your doorstep thanks to its close proximity to Bahçeşehir, Hayat Park as well as TEM, link roads
to the Third Airport and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.
This great project offers easy access to anywhere in the city, and a serene quiet place in it. As Semt
Bahçekent is where you unlock the gateway to the world with the Third Airport, to İstanbul with link
roads, and to relaxation with close proximity to a huge urban park covering 141.939,50 m2.


 project is located in the preferred
area of the European side of Istanbul,
, Esenyurt , which redefines the
concept of profitable investment with
opinion of many investors , and
provides you with the key to a happy
new life where you can live safely with
your family , by enjoying the gorgeous
social fasciitis in the project.
The project consists of 9 independent
buildings with 391 housing units, as
well as 33 shops and office units.

 Unique Architectural and interior design.
 Great investment opportunity.
 Opportunity to benefit from the launch prices .
 Suitable for families.
 Proximity to the public transport
 Proximity to the city center is about 30 minutes.
 Proximity to shopping malls, hospitals,
schools and universities.
 5 km from the Tuyap exhibition .
 A safe and comfortable place for
foreigners to stay.