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A Life Embraced by Every Shade of Green

DELIVERY 09/2024

572.000 $



The project is situated in the Bahçelievler district, one of the most promising areas on the European side of Istanbul. The
neighborhood is also well known for being home to the elite. The various amenities in the project make it a bustling center of life
and attraction. Furthermore, the well-planned settlement and the tramline around the project increase its value in the market,
thus guaranteeing a profitable investment.

Project General Information                                                           

120,000 m²                42,000 m²
Total Area                 Total Grove Area


Construction Area :   70,000 m²

Total Number of Parking Lots : 1700
796 Spacious Units, 29 Commercials

Blocks :
Unit Types
382  2+1,      333  3+1,       80  4+1,       1  5+1

210 m² Artificial Lake,      Shopping Street,     Botanic Gardens,        Open-air Cinema 

Outdoor Sports Fields By the Grove,     Parking Lot for Each Block with Charging Points

More Than 40 Plants Species,       Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pool,  Yoga and Jogging area

The project’s land has a historical value being home to a 555-year fountain that has been renovated to add value and remind
Istanbul’s impressive architecture. Moreover, the preservation of 600-year-old trees inside the grove is a way to conserve the
heritage and commemorate the roots.

4 Piece Set Kitchen Appliance Package (High-Quality)
Fixed Equipment: Kitchen Cabinet, Bathroom Cabinet, Cloakroom
Strong Structure with Earthquake Resistance
2 Air Conditioners for Each Unit
Central Floor Heating System

Importants Districts, Bakırköy 12 mins, Şişli 20 mins, Levent 22 mins, Taksim 15 mins

Hospitals Medicana Hospital 4 mins, Memorial Hospital 6 mins, Medical Park Hospital 5 mins

Shopping Centers Marmara Forum Mall 3 mins, Metroport Mall 4 mins, Capacity Mall 15 mins,
Galleria Mall 10 mins

Education Institutions Doğa Private School 1 min, Aydın University 4 mins, Yıldız Technical Univ. 5 mins,
stiniye University 7 mins


For More Details

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For More Details

Thank You for interesting!

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